Write my essay in 2 hours

So you want to write a good essay.

An essay is a written treatment of a specific topic, which, depending on the type of text, has different formal and linguistic requirements for the author. What is the process of writing an essay? Story telling or facts?

Essentially, you need to distinguish in an essay whether you want to tell about an event, about a thing, a person or a process, or whether you want to tell a story. The narration of a lively and interesting image, perhaps also of creative ideas. In the description, however, actual facts and accurate information are in the foreground.

Essay writing instructions don’t work if you ingeniously change and invent things.

On the other hand, storytelling is boring because it moves from one unimaginable event to another. But this does not mean that there is no single scheme for writing an essay. The standard is the following scheme: introduction, main part and conclusion. These three parts must be in any essay. The introductory and final part should occupy no more than 20 percent of the entire text, but at the same time they are quite important parts of your essay.

For example, if you are writing an essay on adventure history (picture story, holiday story, fairy tale, fantastic story, science fiction). This is an experience that you either experienced, heard, or read about it. In school practice, this may be a holiday, a description of a special event during a trip, or an essay on a specific topic.

It can also be a fantastic story (thriller, ghost story, science fiction). In a fantasy story, creativity is required, you can and must invent events. In classroom practice, such stories often begin with a brief introductory episode, title, or given stimulating words. Your task is to continue this quote.

Often an essay is written in the form of a retelling (book, film, radio games).

This is a story about reproducing an action in your own words. In schools fairy tales, novels or films are often retold. It is also often a question of whether you understood the plot as a whole.

You can practice memorizing the details while reading books and you can try to write an essay description (of a person, animal, object). Describing people or objects places high demands on visual perception and concentration. The more detailed you can describe what you read, the better. This will help you not only develop your memory, but also help you learn how to write an essay.

Try to allocate enough time for work so that you do not get into a situation when you panic and scold yourself, like: how can I write my essay in 2 hours?! You will not be able to write an essay yourself in such a short time, so learn to plan your work. But if you urgently need to write an essay, and there is only a few hours left, you can order an essay from professional writers on the site.