Write essay about your best friend

A good essay begins with the correct introduction. Here you need to use various tips and tricks.

In the case of a surface scan, the essay is not a difficult task. What could be easier than express your opinion? But the essay is a bit more complicated. Except for your own opinion, you must substantiate and defend your thesis. When we talk about the structure of this work, it is quite simple: an introduction, a main part and a conclusion. First you explain the main problem, your opinion about it, argue with the ideas and draw conclusions. The essay should also not be very extensive – just a few pages.

Writing takes a lot of time. It really can take a lot of time, so plan your work on the essay in advance.

It may also be too difficult for you to collect and organize your thoughts. There are also a huge number of ways to do this, with which you can speed up the process of writing an essay and simplify it. So, for example, you can write down all appearing thoughts on a separate sheet of paper. This will help to collect all the thoughts together and not to forget important details. Even if you need to write essay about your best friend, this method may still be useful.

You have a clear position on the problem, but you can not present it with the correct arguments? Ask for help from a teacher or friends. You can also search for work on this topic on the Internet to get acquainted with how other people wrote an essay.

When we talk about opening an essay, this is the “foreground” of the work. She introduces the topic briefly and clearly. Important advice for creating an introduction: when writing an article, think about the readers and their previous knowledge. You need to interest her with your topic. Make a few “checkpoints” while recording. Control the structure and meaning of the written text. You can always ask questions that you answer in the introduction. What exactly is my topic? What do I want to present to my readers? Your readers should understand in the introduction what it is. Focus on the main themes of the topic. What sources can I rely on? Do a literature search.

Give an overview of the main sources that you used and quoted. Remember that they must be valuable and safe.

Do not write, always bring sources. It would be advisable not only to list books and articles, but also to comment on them and critically consider them. Find in each source something special and interesting for your readers. And please do not forget: every mentioned author should be mentioned in footnotes. Explain at this stage which methods and which ones you used. Have you done any experiments, observations, quantitative or qualitative research? Let others know about it. Base it on a theoretically sound foundation. A properly structured essay will surely become successful.

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